Horses’ behaviour may change for a variety of reasons, this may be sudden or could be insidious in its onset and you had not really noticed things getting worse. It may be a minor irritation to you or something that is downright dangerous. It can be very distressing and you do not know where to find help. Don’t give up, give Allison a call, she may be able to help resolve your difficulties.

Allison uses a holistic approach to explore the “problem” behaviour that you have identified in your horse. A thorough assessment of the circumstances surrounding the problem is essential to understanding the cause. From this she can develop a bespoke training plan to meet your requirements using evidence based techniques to modify the behaviour of your’ horse.

These techniques are based on scientific studies developed over many years linking in to the natural communication between equines offering reassurance and rewards for their positive responses. Using these techniques can lead to a much more fulfilling, happier relationship between you and your horse.

Encouraging positive partnerships between horses and people by improving an understanding of the equine language to obtain better rewards for both.

Do you understand why your horse behaves in certain ways or has his behaviour changed from how he used to be?

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